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Name AAPA Past President

Associated Records

Image of AAPA2.043

AAPA2.043 -

Paul Moson taking notes at St. Louis Conference, 1975. Candidate, President Elect, AAPA.

Image of AAPA2.051

AAPA2.051 -

Ron Ross, PA-C, president AAPA (later changed name to Rosenberg), here speaking at Las Vegas Conference, 1978.

Image of AAPA2.063

AAPA2.063 -

Randy Danielsen, Carl Fasser, Tom Godkins, Steve Nunn, Marshall Sinback, Charlie Huntington, Noel McFarlane, Ron Ross, Alan Sims, Bill Stanhope, and Roger Whittaker with unidentified others at New Orleans Conference, 1980.

Image of AAPA2.070

AAPA2.070 -

(L-R) Anne Huntington (wife of past president Charlie Huntington), David Mittmann (President), Jennifer Moore (past president), and Ann Kunkel (secretary). Seated around a table, San Diego Conference, 1981.

Image of AAPA2.075

AAPA2.075 -

Jarrett Wise and Charlie Huntington (AAPA past president), seated at table, Washington, D.C., conference, 1982.

Image of AAPA2.076

AAPA2.076 -

Tom Piemme, MD. (left); Judith B. Willis, MA, PA-C, first woman president, AAPA; Stephen Gladhart, EdD. Washington, D.C., 1982.

Image of AAPA2.085

AAPA2.085 -

Robert Johnston (AAPA Staff), Scott Chavez (AAPA past president) and Marion Shephard, seated at table at D.C. Conference, 1982.

Image of AAPA2.090

AAPA2.090 -

R. Scott Chavez and Marilyn Fitzgerald, D.C. Conference, 1982.

Image of AAPA2.092

AAPA2.092 -

Kenneth Harbert (left), educator, AAPA leader, Veteran's Caucaus with Richard Currey, international poet and PA-C, at D.C. Conference, 1982.

Image of AAPA2.102

AAPA2.102 -

Charlie Huntington, AAPA President, (center) and Karl Katterjohn (right) with David Bissonette on the left. Denver Conference, 1984.

Image of AAPA2.106

AAPA2.106 -

Charlie Huntington and Pat O'Sullivan, Denver Upjohn Award presentation, 1984.

Image of AAPA2.109

AAPA2.109 -

Charlie Huntington and Lynn May at Denver Conference, 1984.

Image of AAPA2.111

AAPA2.111 -

Glen Combs (Educator, AAPA president, APAP leadership), Todd Galles (Syntex Rep.) and Lynn May, Executive Dir. AAPA

Image of AAPA2.118

AAPA2.118 -

Charles Hudson, MD, Ron Dickinson, Charles Huntington, and Steve Wilson. Hudson and Huntington shaking hands at Denver Conference, 1984.

Image of AAPA2.123

AAPA2.123 -

Henry Perry, MD with Judy Willis (seated) - researcher and author. Pictured here at the San Antonio Conference, 1985.

Image of AAPA2.125

AAPA2.125 -

Kate Byrd, Judith Willis, Lynn May, Glenn Combs, and Bruce Fichandler, with two unidentified at San Antonio Conference, 1985.

Image of AAPA2.133

AAPA2.133 -

Jeff Heinrich with Judith Willis, San Antonio Conference, 1985.

Image of AAPA2.137

AAPA2.137 -

Judith Willis, Paul Lombardo, Lynn May, Mary Ettari, David Bissonette, Randy Danielsen, Ken Ryther, William Marcquardt, Bruce Fichandler, Carl Toney, Shirley Paine, Sherri Stuart, Glen Combs, Randy Danielson, and Scott Chavez (two unidentified). Group shot, Boston Conference, 1986.

Image of AAPA2.138

AAPA2.138 -

Judith Willis, Lynn May, Paul Lombardo, Shirley Paine, Charlie Huntington, Ken Ryther, Steve Nunn, Scott Chavez, Paul Flippen, Mary Ettari, Glen Combs, and Bruce Fichandler. Group shot, Boston Conference, 1986.

Image of AAPA2.143

AAPA2.143 -

R. Scott Chavez, Boston Conference, 1986.