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Image of AAPA2.065

AAPA2.065 -

Unidentified women talking at New Orleans Conference, 1980.

Image of AAPA4.064

AAPA4.064 -

APAP Workshop, Reggie Carter pictured, 1989

Image of AAPA1.086

AAPA1.086 -

Cyndy Flores, PA-C, and Elaine Nelson, PA-C, of Regional Medical Center of San Jose, CA, 2006

Image of AAPA2.042

AAPA2.042 -

Don Fisher, Executive Director AAPA/APAP; Tom Piemme, MD, George Washington University; and William Roy, MD; Dr. Hu Myers (background right) founder of the Alderson-Broaddus PA Program, WV. St. Louis Conference, 1975.

Image of AAPA2.048

AAPA2.048 -

Fran Horvath, MD, receiving the presidential gavel from C. Hilmon Castle in ceremony (APAP). Don Fisher (left), other man unidentified. Annual conference, Houston, Texas, 1977.

Image of AAPA2.050

AAPA2.050 -

Harriet Gales, Archie Golden, MD, Frances Horvath, MD and Karl Ketterjohn, PA-C - APAP Officers 1977-78.

Image of AAPA2.063

AAPA2.063 -

Randy Danielsen, Carl Fasser, Tom Godkins, Steve Nunn, Marshall Sinback, Charlie Huntington, Noel McFarlane, Ron Ross, Alan Sims, Bill Stanhope, and Roger Whittaker with unidentified others at New Orleans Conference, 1980.

Image of AAPA2.069

AAPA2.069 -

Enjoying a reception sponsored by PW Communications are, left to right: Mark Siditsky, Dave Mittmann, Danny Watkins, Gary Hellrung, Paul Flippen, Mary Ettari, Steve White, and front center, J. Wainright Ashley. San Diego Conference, 1981.

Image of AAPA2.070

AAPA2.070 -

(L-R) Anne Huntington (wife of past president Charlie Huntington), David Mittmann (President), Jennifer Moore (past president), and Ann Kunkel (secretary). Seated around a table, San Diego Conference, 1981.

Image of AAPA2.072

AAPA2.072 -

Early AAPA leaders Richard Rahr, Ashutosh Roy, Harriett Gales, Walter Stein (rear), at San Diego Conference, 1981.

Image of AAPA2.073

AAPA2.073 -

Jim Hughes and Karl Ketterjohn, San Diego Conference, 1981.

Image of AAPA2.074

AAPA2.074 -

Wendell Wharton, educator; AAPA minority affairs; pictured with Elizabeth Coyte. San Diego Conference, 1981.

Image of AAPA2.075

AAPA2.075 -

Jarrett Wise and Charlie Huntington (AAPA past president), seated at table, Washington, D.C., conference, 1982.

Image of AAPA2.076

AAPA2.076 -

Tom Piemme, MD. (left); Judith B. Willis, MA, PA-C, first woman president, AAPA; Stephen Gladhart, EdD. Washington, D.C., 1982.

Image of AAPA2.078

AAPA2.078 -

Howard University PA Program booth at Washington, D.C., Conference, 1982. Unidentified women in front of booth.

Image of AAPA2.080

AAPA2.080 -

Anita Austin, PA-C, Brooklyn, N.Y.; Randy Perkins, PA-C, FNP, Jamestown, N.D.; Lois Bernstein, New York, N.Y., D.C. Conference, 1982.

Image of AAPA2.083

AAPA2.083 -

Unidentified group, D.C. Conference, 1982. PAs are being presented with the City Proclamation.

Image of AAPA2.084

AAPA2.084 -

Unidentified couple at D.C. Conference, 1982.

Image of AAPA2.085

AAPA2.085 -

Robert Johnston (AAPA Staff), Scott Chavez (AAPA past president) and Marion Shephard, seated at table at D.C. Conference, 1982.

Image of AAPA2.087

AAPA2.087 -

Peter Rosenstein, AAPA Executive Director, receiving City Council Proclamation, D.C. Conference, 1982